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At our firm, the most common misdemeanor and felony charges we handle are for possession or trafficking. The level or type of drug would determine whether they are classified as misdemeanors or felonies.

What Are The Sentencing Ranges For Misdemeanor And Felony Drug-Related Convictions In Springfield Ohio?

In Ohio, the sentencing ranges for misdemeanor and felony drug convictions depend on the degree of misdemeanor or felony charged. Typically, they range anywhere from 15 days to three years. It depends on what the charges are, as well as the history of the individual. If there is a history of criminal behavior, the sentence will be more severe.

Are There Alternative Programs Available For First Time Drug Offenders In Green County?

For first-time drug offenders, you can ask the court for treatment in lieu of conviction. If the defendant completes a probationary period and a rehabilitation program, once that program is complete, the felony charges are dismissed – it’s not even on your record.

There is also an option for a diversion program at the misdemeanor level. Often courts will have a diversion program that accomplishes the same thing as the treatment in lieu. You complete a whole program and then the charges can be dismissed.

There are also community control programs that we can usually convince a court to grant instead of jail time. They offer residential or outpatient therapy for the convictions. Instead of convictions or spending time in prison, you would be sentenced to probation or community control, along with attending a rehabilitation program.

How Does The Amount Or Type Of Drug That Law Enforcement Finds Impact A Drug Charge In Clark County?

In Ohio, the type of drug law enforcement finds will determine if you are charged at all. Right now, sometimes marijuana charges aren’t even chargeable offenses, depending on which city you are in. Oftentimes, the court will look at a marijuana offense and determine a less severe sentence, depending on the amount of marijuana found.

If you are found in possession of or trafficking methamphetamine it tends to be either a felony or more severe.

What Are Potential Defenses That Are Effective In Defending Against Misdemeanor And Felony Drug Charges In Ohio?

It depends on the circumstances but typically, an attorney will attempt to defend a misdemeanor or felony drug charge with a pre-trial motion. Oftentimes, they’ll be able to challenge how the drugs were seized or how they were obtained. If it was subject to an illegal search warrant, or outside the scope of the search warrant, you may get that evidence suppressed which can get the charge dismissed.

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