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Domestic violence occurs with someone you are living with or have a relationship with.

What Charges Will I Be Facing If I Have Been Arrested In Clark County For Domestic Violence?

Typically, with domestic violence charges, you are being charged with causing harm to a domestic partner or threatening to harm a domestic partner.

Is An Order Of Protection Automatically Placed When Domestic Violence Charges Are Filed In Green County?

An order of protection is not automatically placed when domestic violence charges are filed, but typically it’s a condition of your bond that you have a no-contact order with the alleged victim. If you are to violate that order, your bond will be revoked, and you will go to jail.

What Are The Potential Penalties If Someone Is Convicted Of A Domestic Violence Charge In Ohio?

Domestic violence is an enhanceable offense in Ohio. If you are convicted of domestic violence, the first time is a misdemeanor, but if you are convicted a second time, you will be charged with a felony, in which case the penalties are much more severe.

Will My Case Be Dismissed If The Alleged Victim Recants Allegations In A Domestic Violence Case?

Your case will not be dismissed if the alleged victim recants their allegations. The state will oftentimes pick up charges on its own because of the impossible conditions. It’s not uncommon for a victim to change their story or minimize the situation, in which case, the state would then pick up the case to pursue the matter on its own. If the victim changes their story, then that could be used as a defense you could present to a jury or a judge.

What Strategies Can Be Used To Defend Someone Charged In A Domestic Violence Case In Montgomery County? Is Self-Defense A Viable Defense?

Self-defense can certainly be used as a defense against charges of domestic violence. If you are being attacked by one party, then you have the right to defend yourself. In most cases, there isn’t a witness to that situation, so, it depends on how credible one party’s version is compared to the other party.

Unfortunately, in this situation, it’s typically a male versus female scenario and the police typically are more sympathetic to the female. It is very important to get the facts out there, with the alternative version to the prosecutor, as soon as possible, along with any evidence or pictures you may have.

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