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Need a Springfield Divorce Attorney? Choose Michael T. EdwardsGoing through a divorce hard enough on a family as it is, but getting a divorce attorney in Springfield, Ohio and the surrounding areas doesn’t have to be.

Michael T. Edwards is a Springfield divorce attorney who is committed to your case and will always be ready to represent you in court. He has the experience, knowledge and dedication necessary to win your case, no matter what your situation may be. He will help you through this difficult time and into a better future.

Don’t Confront the Legal Process Alone

While divorce proceedings can be tough, they are necessary in order to ensure the future happiness of all parties involved. As a Springfield divorce attorney, Michael T. Edwards will not only make the entire process go as smoothly as possible, he will aggressively represent your interests in court.

The legal process can be confusing at times, and going to court can be as intimidating as it is stressful. That’s why getting a divorce attorney in Springfield, Ohio is so important. The wrong move in a legal proceeding can cost you your home, your children or your hard-earned money. It is a process that must be approached with a sound plan, a cool head and a complete understanding of Ohio family law.

The Expertise of Michael T. Edwards

For years, Michael T. Edwards has represented both men and women as a divorce attorney in Springfield, Ohio. Whether you are going through a divorce or a legal separation, he can help you navigate the process.

Divorce proceedings can even come with custody issues, alimony and more. Michael T. Edwards can help you to secure shared or full custody, visitation rights, child support payments and any owed alimony. If you are going to owe child support, Michael T. Edwards can make sure that the payments are fair, legal and never unjustified.

Even in the worst situations, where restraining orders are required, Michael T. Edwards can ensure that your entire family acquires the protection that they need. You will feel safe, secure and well taken care of at the office of Michael T. Edwards.

Personal Attention and Care

If you are looking for a Springfield divorce attorney who will give your case the attention and time that it deserves, then the law office of Michael T. Edwards is right for you. Every member of the team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

The office is open late so that you don’t have to change your work schedule to meet with an attorney. Michael T. Edwards also provides flexible payment plans so that your legal fees won’t empty your wallet. You can pay a reasonable rate with a plan that fits your financial situation. The flexibility and convenience of working with Michael T. Edwards is something that you won’t find at any other divorce attorney in Springfield, Ohio.

Let Us Handle Your Case

If you need a Springfield divorce attorney, do not hesitate to contact the office of Michael T. Edwards for a free consultation. Don’t go through your divorce or separation without the quality legal representation that you deserve.

Michael T. Edwards

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