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  • By: Michael T. Edwards, Esq.
  • Published: August 31, 2020

Being injured by an accident is a scary event. Finding yourself without coverage for medical expenses can make the situation much worse. If you’ve been injured by the actions of someone else, you are legally owed compensation for medical costs, damages, lost wages, and more. Many assume that these costs will simply be covered by the insurance provider of the person at fault.

However, that’s not always the case.

If you are being denied coverage that you’re owed, whether it’s from someone else’s insurance company or your own, a lawyer experienced in personal injury can help. The question is, when should you speak to a lawyer?

What You Should Do Immediately After An Accident

If anyone is seriously injured, you should immediately contact paramedics. Otherwise, you should contact the authorities and wait for them to arrive. Accidents resulting in injury or damages over $1000 are required to be reported to the police. The police will assess the situation and help mediate with the other party if they’re being uncooperative.

You and the other party need to share your respective insurance information. From there, you can discuss events of the accident to a degree, but you should be very cautious with admitting any fault. The full details of an accident aren’t always clear in the moment. Even when notifying your insurance company, only provide them with the most basic information.

You should also seek medical assistance right away. Don’t worry about who is going to cover what. Injuries after accidents can be more severe than they initially appear. It’s likely that adrenaline is coursing through your body, numbing you to pain or discomfort. Remember that it is your choice where you receive medical assistance from. Don’t let an insurance company or even the on-scene paramedics pressure you into receiving care from a specific facility.

Finally, as long as you are physically capable of doing so, document as much as you can of the accident before you leave. Take photos and write down any details you remember. These can help you greatly during the claims process.

When To Contact An Attorney

If injuries are minimal to non-existent and the other person fully admits fault, you may be able to go through the process without an attorney and get the compensation you need. For accidents resulting in serious injuries and missed work, however, it’s in your best interest to speak to a personal injury attorney before signing anything or speaking to anyone else’s insurance provider.

Accidents can often have long-term effects and expenses that continue to add up over time. Insurance companies are typically looking to make a quick settlement after an accident, paying you as little as possible. With an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can trust that you’ll receive the fully amount of money you’re owed.

It never hurts to at least speak to an attorney before making any decisions. At Michael T. Edwards, we offer an initial consultation for free. This will help you better understand your options so you can decide whether or not you need legal representation.

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