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A dog bite in Ohio is referred to as a strict liability matter. The owner of the dog is liable when their dog bites someone causing injuries regardless of the circumstances. Certain defenses can be pursued. If an individual is engaged in a criminal act and the dog bites them, that could be a defense. If the individual was taunting the dog, that is another possible defense.

Do Most Of The Dog Bite Cases That You See, Do They Generally Involve Strangers Or Is It More Common That It is People Who Know Each Other?

Many dog bite cases involve children or someone coming to a home to provide a service. The homeowner is obligated to make sure their dog is secured and if they fail to do so, they are responsible any injuries caused by the dog. Friends and the family are not likely to make a claim if they are bitten by a dog.

Does It Have To Be A Serious Injury In A Dog Bite Case In Order To Have A Good Personal Injury Case?

The injury in a dog bite case does not necessarily need to be serious. Any dog injury is going to leave some sort of scarring which may become a permanent injury. With a puncture wound, there is a scar. Most dog bites have some puncturing or tearing of the skin and that is the biggest issue. While the injured party can recover, they are going to have a long-term injury from the dog pulling the skin off or having puncture wounds from the dog bite.

What Type Of Damages Should Someone Seek If They’ve Been Injured From A Dog Bite Incident And How Is The Future Cost For Potential, Whether It is Surgeries Or Future Cosmetic Surgery, Anything Like That, How Are Those Things Calculated?

There is usually not much involved in the initial treatment, especially with a puncture wound. The dog bite victim goes to the emergency room to have the wound evaluated and treated. Usually it is a matter of cleaning the wound and applying topical treatment. If there is substantial scarring, the services of a plastic surgeon may be required which means getting an estimate of the cost and the number of treatments needed to repair or restore the skin, or what types of skin grafts are necessary. That means getting an expert opinion. The insurance usually pays for those initially so the assessments can be done with little out-of-pocket expenses to the client.

If I’ve Been Bitten By Someone’s Dog And Injured, Isn’t It Easier Or Cheaper If I Just Conduct Negotiations With The Insurance Company Or The Pet Owner Instead Of Retaining An Attorney?

With a dog bite, it is probably more important to have an attorney handle the case rather than the injured person conducting negotiations with the insurance company or pet owner. The average person is emotionally involved and does not have the experience to know the potential long-term effects of the dog bite injury. A third party is needed to assess the injury and make sure the dog bite victim gets a fair settlement.

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