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  • By: Michael T. Edwards, Esq.
  • Published: January 27, 2017

Snow looks pretty from a distance, but up close, it can be surprisingly dangerous. Especially for drivers. Of course, winter isn’t the only season that causes traffic accidents.

Whether it’s caused by winter snow or summer rain, accidents happen when mother nature turns nasty. Bad weather doesn’t just affect a person’s perception, but a vehicles performance as well.

That’s why almost a quarter of car accidents are weather related.

When you’re involved in a weather-related traffic accident, it feels like the situation is out of your control. So the question is, are you liable for an accident caused by bad weather?

Variables Taken Into Consideration

As with any accident, a number of variables are reviewed after a weather-related crash or injury. This includes road conditions, visibility, speed, surrounding traffic, the condition of vehicle, and more. Depending on the severity of the conditions, you may be given some leeway when it comes to assigning fault.

But a weather-related accident is far from a free pass.

You Can Still Be Negligent In Bad Weather

When the weather is bad, drivers are held to a higher standard. You’re expected to display extra control and caution, including slower speeds, both hands on the steering wheel, etc. If you’re driving too fast or not paying attention, and an accident happens, you’re at fault. Even if your driving practices would have been fine under normal conditions.

If the weather is bad, the best course of action is usually to just stay inside. If that’s not an option, be extra careful.

What If You Did Everything Correct?

Even under the best driving, weather can take the situation out of your hands. You may hit a patch of black ice or a puddle is hiding a dangerous pothole, and there’s really nothing you could have done.

In that case, you may be freed from legal liabilities. On the insurance side of things, it’s up to your insurance provider to decide. If someone is injured due to the accident, it could go to the courts still.

Have You Been Injured Or Injured Someone Due To Bad Weather?

If you’ve been involved in an accident with another party, or you feel like your insurance company isn’t being fair with damages you’ve sustained, you need proper legal representation. At the offices of Michael T. Edwards, we have extension experience in personal injury cases.

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