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Meet Attorney Michael T. Edwards

With nearly two decades in law practice, Attorney Michael T. Edwards boasts an impressive background and a unique perspective. His journey began in Dayton, Ohio, where he completed his high school education before dedicating years of service to the United States Navy. Pursuing his higher education, he earned an undergraduate degree from Wright State University and followed this with a decade of experience as a claims adjuster for Progressive Insurance.

His legal education was achieved at Capital University in Columbus, leading to his admittance to the Ohio Bar in 2007 and the federal bar in 2012. Attorney Edwards began his practice in Enon, Ohio, where he offered his legal expertise for 12 years before relocating his office to downtown Springfield.

A Personal Drive To Serve

Michael T. Edwards had always been drawn to law since his days in the Navy. It presented a challenging and ever-evolving field where he could make a real difference. His practice in law provided a respected platform to assist people, serve his community, and provide for his family. It wasn’t just a career for him; it was a vocation.

Broad Expertise Tailored To Individual Needs

Although family law is his primary area of focus, Edwards’ practice doesn’t stop there. His professional background in criminal law and as an insurance adjuster has equipped him with an insightful understanding of personal injury law. He also excels in civil litigation and probate law. This breadth of experience ensures he can provide a high level of service tailored to the diverse needs of his clients, from various walks of life and facing different legal challenges.

A Client-Focused Approach

With his wealth of experience across various areas of law, Attorney Edwards is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients. His legal prowess allows him to negotiate effectively with opposing attorneys, striving for the most favorable outcomes. Should negotiations not yield the desired results, Edwards has the trial and litigation experience to fight for his client’s claims in court, with the aim of obtaining a fair judgment.

Unwavering Dedication To Clients

The professional relationship Attorney Edwards establishes with his clients goes beyond mere representation. He owes his clients his absolute best and is ethically bound to advocate for their interests. His primary focus is always to present their issues accurately and convincingly. While no attorney can guarantee a win in every case, what he assures every client is his undivided attention and utmost commitment.

As a solo attorney, Edwards ensures that his clients receive personal attention throughout their case. When you hire Attorney Michael T. Edwards, you are hiring him – not an associate or lower-level attorney. This personal dedication to each case is part of what sets him apart and ensures that you, as his client, feel seen, heard, and expertly represented.

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Michael T. Edwards

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