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Initiating An Attorney-Client Relationship Lawyer, Springfield City Building Trust with Michael Edwards: The Start of a Client Relationship

When engaging with clients, Michael Edwards prioritizes personal, face-to-face conversation. In an era where phone consultations are the norm for many attorneys, Edwards believes in the value of personal connection and understanding, a bond forged through one-on-one communication.

Edwards respects the significance of technology but insists on the necessity of a symbolic handshake to confirm that everyone is on the same page. Such personal interactions are crucial, especially when handling emotionally charged issues like the loss of a child or a heated divorce.

The attorney-client relationship plays a crucial role in separating personal emotions from what the law permits. By nurturing this relationship, Edwards can clearly explain the process, ensure that clients understand their expectations, and help them grasp the potential outcomes. This is especially important in personal injury cases, where the legal outcomes might not align with the client’s expectations.

Establishing Expectations: The Key to Positive Outcomes

Whether dealing with a divorce, personal injury, or criminal case, managing client expectations from the outset is vital for Edwards. This approach avoids unpleasant surprises and complications, should the final resolution not align with the client’s expectations. By setting expectations early on, there’s a better chance of achieving a resolution that benefits the client.

Michael Edwards’ Approach to Communication

Edwards values ‘old school’ modes of communication: phone calls and face-to-face conversations. Though he acknowledges the prevalence of text messages and emails, he believes in the importance of direct verbal communication. His clients can be sure they have his full attention during such interactions. These personal exchanges help avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions that can often occur in written communication.

His accessibility is also a point of pride. Clients are encouraged to reach out with any questions, and can expect a quick response. While office hours are generally preferred, Edwards is diligent about returning all voicemails. He understands that each client deserves his attention, knowledge, and abilities to the best extent possible.

The Importance of Honesty in the Attorney-Client Relationship

In the attorney-client relationship, honesty is non-negotiable. Although attorney-client privilege guarantees confidentiality, full disclosure is necessary for Edwards to advocate effectively for his clients. Especially when a matter is proceeding to trial, it’s crucial to address any potential issues at the outset. After all, surprises during a trial can lead to unfavorable outcomes. With Michael Edwards, clients can be confident they are in trustworthy hands.

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