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  • By: Michael T. Edwards, Esq.
  • Published: February 11, 2016

The Ohio Statute of Limitations prevents people from filing a personal injury claim after a certain period of time has passed since the date of the accident or injury. Because such limitations exist in the state of Ohio, it is necessary for people who have been involved in an accident or have suffered an injury to contact a lawyer in lawyer in Springfield, Ohio as soon as possible,

Waiting too long to submit a personal injury claim can result in your case being thrown out before it even begins.

How Long Are The Statute Of Limitations In Ohio?

When it comes to personal injury claims, the statute of limitations in Ohio is two years from the date of the incident, according to Ohio Rev. Code § 2305.10(A). This means that you must contact an attorney’s office and have them submit a claim before two years passes from the date of your injury. Doing so after that two-year mark makes it virtually impossible for your case to be heard in court.

If you are making a claim due to harm from chemicals, toxins, etc. the claim must be submitted within two years after the date in which you were diagnosed by a doctor.

You can file personal injury claims if you were injured as the result of many circumstances including:

  • Car accidents
  • Exposure to chemicals and toxins (like asbestos)
  • Injuries sustained from a company’s products
  • Injuries sustained while on someone else’s property

Extended Statutes

In some cases, you can file a personal injury claim beyond the two year statute of limitations. If you were to own a product that has caused you to become injured, but you reasonably did not know that it was the product that injured you, you have up to two years to file a claim from the date that you discovered your injury was the result of the product. However, most products have a statute of repose, which is a deadline of 10 years to file a claim after you came into possession of the product. Anything after 10 years is too late to file.

Exceptions To The Ohio Statute Of Limitations

There are several exceptions to the Ohio statute of limitations. In certain cases, some time may not be included in the two-year filing period, meaning you have a longer window of time to file a claim. If you are proven to have been “unsound of mind” at the time of injury, you will receive an extension. Also, if you were a minor at the time of injury, you will have two years from the day you turn 18 to file a claim.

Don’t Wait To File

The longer you wait to file a personal injury claim, the harder it will be for an attorney to get you the compensation that you deserve. Even if you are uncertain if you have a solid case, you can still sit down with Michael T. Edwards, Attorney at Law for a free consultation.

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