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What You Can Expect During Your CaseThe Journey Through A Legal Case: From Start To Resolution

Engaging in a legal case is a journey, and knowing what to expect can bring peace of mind. The initial phase involves an introductory meeting with Michael Edwards, assessing the specifics of the case. If it necessitates filing a complaint with the court, the necessary information is gathered to make the filing.

Then comes the ‘discovery’ phase, where Michael Edwards seeks comprehensive information from the opposing party and vice versa. This can include interrogatories (questions that the other party must answer under oath), and requests for documents such as financial documents, bank accounts, or titles, among others. Occasionally, depositions are carried out where the parties are questioned under oath. Although depositions add to the cost, Michael Edwards tries to avoid them if the needed information can be acquired through less expensive means.

The ultimate aim is to resolve the case through negotiation. However, if this is not possible, preparations are made for a trial. After the trial, the judge deliberates on the matter and issues a written decision. In general, a case can last anywhere from six months to a year if it goes to trial. However, if it’s resolved through negotiation, the time frame is usually three to six months.

The Power Of Compromise In Trials

Michael Edwards emphasizes the power of compromise, especially in cases involving family law. The decision to go to trial often rests on the parties’ willingness to compromise. Trials are expensive and uncertain, and in cases involving children, Michael Edwards strongly advises against entrusting the fate of such a crucial matter to a judge. However, if negotiations fail and the case must go to trial, the decision rests in the hands of a judge or a jury.

Personalized Service: What Sets Michael Edwards Apart

When comparing larger law firms with Michael Edwards’s practice, one key difference stands out – personalized service. In big law firms, you may not know who will represent you throughout different phases of your case. In contrast, when you hire Michael Edwards, you receive his direct, personal attention and service.

He understands that his clients may have numerous questions during a potentially stressful and turbulent process. That’s why he prioritizes making himself available to respond to those questions, providing a level of comfort that can make a significant difference in the experience of going through a legal case. When Michael Edwards is able to do this, he believes he’s being the best attorney he can be for his clients.

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